K9 Cross Train: What is it?

Think of the cross training you do. You know the value of adding cardio to your yoga practice, strength training to your golf game, core work for your low back, and doing exercises in a certain order...it's really no different for our dogs. 

Our dogs need to rely on the strength of their muscles including their heart and lungs, flexibility of their joints, balance (that's core!), and mental sharpness to stay physically independent as far into their lives as possible.

A well designed Fitness and Conditioning Program helps keep your dog physically fit and independent; potentially keeping vet bills lower, saving you time, money, and worry of having a physically dependent dog. It also keeps you and your dog bonded in a mutually gratifying relationship. 

How does it work?

I evaluate your dog’s current fitness level by gauging their body type, condition, abilities, temperament, and limitations. I'll watch them move, test their balance, flexibility and strength, and ask you a ton of questions. Then I design a step by step program that will support your dog in increasing their balance, strength, flexibility, cardio endurance, body awareness, and keep them mentally engaged. The program's also designed around your schedule - you and your dog need a day off from training and you get to pick that day. You also get to tell me how much time you have to train your dog, and that's the amount of time the program will take.

Where does this happen?

We'll meet in the Happy Hounds Massage & Fitness studio located in The Mission. In between sessions you'll be working with your dog at home, or outside, depending on what exercises you're doing that week.

If you want to buy the equipment we use in the studio I can tell you where to get it inexpensively. I can also come to your home and show you what's around your house that can be substituted for the equipment, or how to modify the exercise safely for your environment. (Single session fee applies, $85)

You can choose single sessions ($55) or from 3 program packages that run from 8 - 20 weeks, and start at only $600. Each package is designed to help your pet reach and exceed certain goals, and is customized for you and your dog. 

*Please note that massage and conditioning and fitness training are not a substitutes for veterinarian care, and I will not diagnose, treat, prescribe, or provide any service outside my scope of training, certification, and exptertise.ase insert your text here.