For everyone's safety massage services are currently being offered in outdoor areas only, and with proper face coverings for humans.

Thanks for helping to keep each other safe!

Maintenance Massages

Appropriate for any dog at nearly any stage of life a Maintenance Massage can be a valuable part of keeping your pet healthy and active. Among a host of other benefits Maintenance Massage may help:

  Maintain a healthy activity level 
  Relieve discomfort due to rigorous play
  Prevent potential injury
  Maintain balance and fluidity of movement 
  Increase immune system activity, warding off some illnesses
  Provide early detection of potential health problems

Performance Massage  

Is your pet an athlete or weekend warrior? Are they competing in or learning Agility, Obedience, Freestyle, or just a dedicated fetcher and I-gotta-get-the-ball fiend?

For the professional, novice, or amateur athlete a Performance Massage could:

                                  Reduce risk of potential injury
  Reduce recovery time in case of injury
Extend career longevity and mobility levels
                                 ◦  Reduce recovery time between events or play times
                                 ◦ Increase performance levels, focus & ability                          

Post Surgical & Injury Massage*

If your pet has experienced a physical trauma such as an injury, illness, or surgery, consider a this type of massage. It could help them feel better and recover more quickly. This type of massage can have many healing effects including:

                               ◦  Reduced pain and inflammation
                               ◦  Increased comfort and calmness during the healing process
                               ◦   More rapid healing response resulting in reduced recovery time 
                               ◦   Help in restoring normal function
                               ◦   Reduction in need for medication 

*It's recommended, and in some cases required, that the treating veterinarian be consulted

An initial massage session is $120.00 and includes a medical history review, conformation and gait analysis, projected outcome consult, and hands on session. Follow-up visits are $85.00 and include all of the above with a review of changes since the last session.

Please note that massage is not a substitution for veterinarian care, and I will not diagnose, treat, prescribe or provide any service outside my scope of training, certification, and expertise.